The Moon's Song

can you hear the singing? she's been calling for you across the stars for a thousand lifetimes now

Reika Moonsong

They found her floating in a boat at sea, this miqo'te girl with the too-big eyes and the too-sharp teeth. No sign of a ship, no sign of a mother, only the full moon's light and the quiet hushing lullaby of the waves. They took her back to shore, from Llymlaen's embrace to the arms of Limsa Lominsa, and into the hands of the Arcanist's Guild she went at the tender age of six.Too curious. Too wild. Too clever by far. Her Carbuncle never looked quite as it should, too many tails and too many teeth so willing to sink into the flesh of the unsuspecting. Her manners always perfect, her poise and grace just so, her dress impeccable, and yet...and yet. Something in her eyes, perhaps. In the way she never blinked, or the way she tended to look at you as though you might be a rabbit, and she a hunting fox. In the way she smiled, a baring of fangs too sharp for even a Keeper of the Moon. Friendships fell from her like raindrops, but she always loved the storms no less.Passing years brought the mark of the Scholar, independent studies of Conjury and Astrology, travels to Sharlayan and to Gridania and far to the North, into places where a teenage girl should be afraid to venture on her own, into wilds where she should not feel half so at home. And when in those wild places the wolves howled their secret songs, her voice lifted to join theirs in a fierce celebration.She has always heard the moon, you see. It whispers to her, calls to her, teaches her the secret songs of the stars. She hears the spirits of the forest, the sea, the land, the air. She knows things she shouldn't, and knows there is so much she does not know, like her own origins, or what this call is she feels in her bones, drawing her ever onwards, towards...something. Someone? She isn't sure. All she knows is that she moves ever onward, unafraid, eyes bright and unblinking, a song on her lips and magic in her steps.


Curiosity killed the wolf cat.
But satisfaction brought it back, so the saying goes, and Reika will not hesitate to ask the unaskable, insert herself in private conversations, come inspect you right up close and personal-like if her interest is piqued.
All knowledge is worth having.
So she's fond of saying, and so she means, a Scholar in every sense. Have a rare and unusual tome? A fellow researcher of biomagical signatures, Sharlayan Astrology, blood magic, aetheric regression and divination, etc. etc.? She's more than happy to go for hours. What's that? You aren't, you just happened to mention something that sounded like one of those things? Well, you'll be an expert by the time she's done, if you aren't asleep. Or dead.
Reika's body is usually fully covered, she's fairly modest all things considered, but if you happen to see her bare skin, she's covered nearly neck to toe (literally) in tattoos, all arcane sigils in an intricate webbing across her skin, some nearly black with density, some seeming to trace other symbols with the absence of ink instead. Careful, though; bare skin means spellcraft is afoot, and sometimes those experimental conjurings get a bit...messy. And then there's that scar on her cheek...
Wolf in Scholar's Clothing.
Her manners are more or less proper, despite her clear lack of socialization as a child, and complete ignorance of socially acceptable behaviours. She moves gracefully, and she's cheerful and friendly. So why do so many feel just the slightest bit unsettled by her? And just why does one get the sense that she's still something wild and feral, something that could tear out a person's throat if given the opportunity?
Messages from Beyond.
Reika is okami yokai, a messenger of the spirits. She has a tendency to know things, to hear things, and not ever be quite sure how. Sometimes, the message she carries might be for a stranger--perhaps even you?


  • more wolf than miqo'te

  • okami yokai (messenger spirit)

  • 24

  • pansexual

  • scholar

  • healer

  • musically inclined

  • oracle

  • better at books than people

  • cooking, campfires, the air just before it snows

  • honesty, curiosity, ferocity


Hi there! Thanks for reading my words and looking at the pictures and stuff. I'm a 21+ roleplayer who really loves making stories with people, looking for long-term character development. I'm mostly online in the evenings, but don't be afraid to message me if you'd like to swap character info! I always love hearing the stories others come up with, too. ♥

  • DISCORD: hauntedatoms#0013


  • AGE: 21 +

  • CONTACT: open!

  • LOOKING FOR: long-term character development, story-driven RP

FFXIV OC. Reika Moonsong, Malboro, Crystal.

Thank you

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